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We all have fond memories of Christmas spent with the family and friends enjoying each other’s company and great Australian prawns.

But why wait until Christmas or Easter to enjoy the sweet taste and good times that go with our fresh local product?

There is much to celebrate with Australian prawns — whether it’s summer, winter, a birthday, a 10th anniversary or a second date. Grab some prawns for footy finals, payday or just because it’s a great day. Australian prawns can be enjoyed year round. Check out our 120+ Australian prawn recipes.

How to buy, thaw, peel and devein Australian prawns?

Australia’s prawn fishers and farmers work hard to supply top quality Australian prawns from ship to store, from water to waiter, and it’s easy to choose the best and keep them in top condition to enjoy at home. Therefore we created a series of how-to videos to show you how to best select, thaw and peel and devein Australian prawns.

Looking for FREE recipe collections? Great!

Browse through our collection of free, downloadable Australian prawn recipe booklets. We have recipe collections for spring, summer and winter, dipping sauces, entertaining – just to name a few.

The Great Australian Prawn Cookbook.

In this glossy 100-page cookbook you will find plenty of great Australian prawn recipes. Create quick and easy mid-week meals or weekend-long entertaining extravaganzas. With luscious photography and matching how-to videos, this book is the ultimate seafood entertainers guide for only $14.95. Buy now and get free shipping!


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