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Prawn gado gado saladThis classic Indonesian dish shines with Australian Prawns. Easy, healthy and quick.
Tomato chilli dipping sauceBeautiful rich dipping sauce. Perfect to pair with our "Roasted garlic and horseradish mayonnaise dipping sauce".
Garlic prawn pastaOne of our favs. The classic garlic prawn dish made better with fresh Australian Prawns. It's a simple, easy, tasty recipe suited to midweek meals as well as special occasions.
Easy Garlic Prawn and Chorizo PastaSimple. Tasty. Healthy. Affordable. Prawns are high in protein, low in fat and have a far lower carbon footprint than mince, so making this dish is good for your body, taste buds and the planet.
Sicilian prawns on soft polentaNot easy. Not quick, but so, so special. This is a meal you'll spend some time in the kitchen preparing, but those close friends you make it for are worth it right?