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Honey and sesame snap prawn skewers with green mango salad

Happiness on a stick, that's what these sesame Australian prawns are. Pair the crunchy skewers with a green mango salad and you've got an amazing Aussie prawn meal ready to go.

Honey and sesame snap prawn skewers with green mango salad
Prep Time10 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time30 mins


 16 large green Australian prawns, peeled, tails on
 16 bamboo skewers, soaked in warm water
 ½ cup sesame seeds
 ½ cup panko breadcrumbs
 1 tsp salt flakes
 2 egg whites, beaten
 Vegetable oil for deep frying
 ½ cup honey
 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
Green Mango Salad (OPTIONAL)
 2 green mangoes, peeled, julienned
 1 red shallot (or half a red onion), finely sliced
 2 sprigs each mint & Vietnamese mint, leaves picked, roughly torn
 1 long red chilli, de seeded, sliced lengthways
 1 ½ tbsp fish sauce
 1 ½ tbsp rice wine vinegar
 ½ tbsp castor sugar
 Lime, halved



Combine the sesame seeds and panko in small shallow tray with the salt.


Skewer the prawns then brush with egg white and toss in the sesame mixture. Repeat with remaining prawns. Note, if you’re using long skewers, you will need to trim them.


Half fill a wok with oil and heat to 180 degrees.


In batches, fry the coated prawns then drain on a wire rack set over a tray.


For the honey sauce, combine the honey and vinegar.

To make the green mango salad:

Place green mango, onion, herbs and chilli in a large bowl.


Mix fish sauce, vinegar, sugar and juice from half a lime until sugar has dissolved then pour over salad ingredients.


Serve prawn skewers with a drizzle of honey sauce, salad and lime.

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