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BBQ sesame citrus prawnsPrawns on the BBQ, such an Aussie tradition. We've added a few ingredients to really lift your grilling game and make your Australian Prawns the hero of your next BBQ.
Prawn and zucchini frittersAnother great Australian Prawn recipe in our low carb - low carbon series. This recipe is healthy and light on the planet (compared to any land-raised animal protein).
Bang bang dipping sauce and lime pickled chilliBang Bang is a spicy sauce with origins in China. We've borrowed the idea to make a prawn dipping sauce suited to Aussie tastes and Australian Prawns. And we'll also show you how to make a lime pickled chilli sauce too.
Tomato chilli dipping sauceBeautiful rich dipping sauce. Perfect to pair with our "Roasted garlic and horseradish mayonnaise dipping sauce".